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THE DANCE ON THE TREE, Botanical Water

THE DANCE ON THE TREE, Botanical Water

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Patchouli, Peach and Cedarwood

An intoxicating cheerful Argentine laugh.

THE DANCE ON THE TREE it is a rich harmony of fruits conceived as a dance unleashed in nature that makes every moment of the day special. A Mix of fishing And apricot exalted by spicy heart which adds pepper and cinnamon to life .

His qualities
Essential oils derived from spices they have stimulating properties, they give energy to the body and mind and promote emotional balance .

How to use it
THE DANCE ON THE TREE is suitable for being vaporized and wrapping fabrics, sheets, pillows, clothes and dressing gowns.

Accompany her with
THE COLOR OF LOVE , Vitaminic Soft Soap to gently cleanse;
LONG SLEEP WITH A SMILE , Natural Calming Oil for a moment of cuddles.

Olfactory note: Patchouli, Peach and Cedar Wood
Head *Fruity Heart * Spicy Bottom* Woody

  • IFRA certified fragrance
  • Cruelty Free
  • Alcohol of vegetable origin
  • From 3 years of age

50 ml 1fl.oz

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