Collection: Organic Zoo

Organic Zoo believes in a simpler, kinder world for our children to enjoy, creating timeless 100% organic clothing that is better for both our little ones and the planet.

ORGANIC - Our organic raw cotton comes from certified fair trade suppliers. This means that:

  • the fibers are grown without harmful chemicals and using less precious water
  • cotton farmers get a fairer price for their crop
  • the materials are softer and gentler for your baby's skin

Organic cotton is better for you, better for your little one, and better for the planet. TIMELESS - Organic Zoo designs are minimal, comfortable and high quality. They are beautiful to wear and practical for playing. Each collection features timeless essential pieces. Our clothing is unisex and well made. We want our clothes to be passed down and enjoyed by other little ones.

TIMELESS - Organic Zoo clothes are ethically made, taking sustainability into account at every stage of the production process. They are designed in Brighton, UK and made in Europe. Our packaging is also kept to a minimum, with recycled paper labels and postal envelopes. It takes effort, time and money to produce clothes this way, but we believe it's worth it. For our children, for their future.