Mini Lovers - coolkidsstore

Mini Lovers is a shop for babies and children in Travagliato, in the province of Brescia (BS) and an online shop.


We are Ilaria and Federica and in 2020 we decided to realize a project that was flashing in our heads. We are two sisters, 28 and 31 years old respectively, and we had been talking about opening our own business for some time. The pandemic gave us the push we needed, when the whole world seemed to have stopped we had an irrepressible desire for change.

So in December 2020, inspired by Nora our 4 year old mascot, Mini Lovers - coolkidsstore was born, a store for children and families that winks at design and the eco-sustainable concept.

We are constantly looking for fresh brands, where aesthetics combined with natural materials and a green production and supply chain are fundamental. Our concept is far from fast fashion, we select long-lasting garments, often unisex so as to be used over and over again. We embrace the philosophy of buy less, but buy better.

Mini Lovers offers not only clothing but everything that strikes us and we like from the world of children, from games to accessories for the bedroom.