Collection: Meri Meri

Meri Meri , a world of celebration and play!
Products made with love that arise from a single goal: to preserve the wonder of childhood for a lifetime.
PARTY - Magical party props: a child's birthday, an anniversary, an Easter egg hunt, a perfect Christmas. If you're planning a special event, we have something just for you.
GAME - Beautiful toys for little people. They can make friends with mermaids, pirates and unicorns. They can discover a world at the end of a rainbow. They can transform a room into a wild jungle or fairy wonderland.
AND MORE PLAY - Adults need to play too! Sharing a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, decorating the Christmas tree for the first or fiftieth time, quietly celebrating a close friendship, we help you evoke unforgettable memories.
AND THE MAGIC OF HOME - The game begins at home. Light flickering candles, hang pictures on a wall, decorate your newborn's nursery. We can transform your dreams into your spaces!