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Little Dutch

Doctor playset with Jim doll

Doctor playset with Jim doll

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Doctor, Jim needs your care! Look at him in his pajamas, he can't wait to play with the nurse. You can find everything you need to take care of him in his suitcase. First measure the patient's temperature. Is a patch enough to relieve pain? Which stuffed animal will be your next patient? Nurse Jim loves to help and is always by your side to care, play and cuddle.

This doll care playset will encourage many hours of play. The soft olive green suitcase opens and becomes a hospital bed and contains the essentials for treating a patient. Your little one can put Jim in his pajamas, check his temperature with the thermometer, use the syringe to make him feel better and treat a wound with bandaids. When it's Jim's turn to play nurse, he'll don the nurse's cap and take care of all the stuffed animals that need a doctor.


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